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Give Privileged Users Power. Keep Control! 

Bomgar Privileged Access Management (PAM) enables security professionals to control, monitor, and manage access to critical systems by privileged users.
With Bomgar, you can obtain detailed visibility into sessions and access rights. Plus provide administrators, vendors, and business users with the access they need to improve productivity, while protecting your high-value infrastructure, assets, and applications.

Increase Security without Compromising Productivity

Bomgar Privileged Access Management allows you to enable and enhance remote access without sacrificing security. Bomgar works through firewalls without VPN, so you don’t need to compromise perimeter security to implement privileged access management. 
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Support Corner

Support Corner
With André Lalonde - Support Team Lead

Rolling out SmartIT Internally!

Recently, RjR Innovations’ Support Team rolled out SmartIT for use in creating, tracking, and reporting on our internal Incidents, Tasks, and Service Requests. Let’s take a look and see how our Support Team Lead, André Lalonde, is using it!

Immediately after logging in, André gets a real-time graphical overview of the current work status for several important areas. In this base view, he can review Incidents, Work Orders, Service Requests, and Changes.

André has two Consoles available to him: Tickets and Knowledge.

In the ticket console, he can view and work with all of the tickets currently assigned to him.

In the Knowledge console, he can view and search Knowledge Articles published and made available to him.

Smart Recorder
The Smart Recorder allows him to create a new ticket using plain language!

Start by typing a name – that’s your client. Start describing the issue – the Smart Recorder will search available templates (Incident, Service Requests, etc.) that may apply to the situation based on key words in your sentence!

In the above example, André typed “Ryan Kung is having a security problem”. The Smart Recorder selected Ryan as the client and found a “Security Problem” incident template to format the request.

Create New 
Finally, André can access the “Create New” menu to directly create Incidents, Work Orders, Knowledge Base entries, Change Requests, or Broadcasts using a form-based entry system.

Finally, André can access the “Create New” menu to directly create Incidents, Work Orders, Knowledge Base entries, Change Requests, or Broadcasts using a form-based entry system.

The RjR Support Team is looking forward to working with a new view into IT! With better dashboarding and real-language record creation, we plan on streamlining our operations. If this interests you at all, why not contact us!
Support Corner

Event Alert
BMC Engage 2015

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of BMC Engage 2015, being held Sept 8 - 11, at ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas.

BMC Engage 2015 is an IT management conference where IT professionals explore BMC products and solutions and connect around the latest technology trends.
We invite you to join technical experts and your peers and:
  • Experience three full days of visionary presentations, panel discussions, learning labs and skills assessments
  • Get unlimited networking opportunities with BMC experts, customers and partners
  • Connect to the latest technology trends from mainframe to cloud to mobile  
We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas. Please be sure to stop by our booth in the Solutions Showcase.
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Partner Bulletin

SecureDoc further enhances BitLocker by being the only data encryption and management solution that supports pre-boot network authentication, which uses network-based resources to authenticate users, enforce access controls, and manage end point devices before the operating system loads. This enhances security through authentication at pre-boot rather than at the Windows login and improves policy protection by making it easy for administrators to push system updates.
WinMagic’s SecureDoc along with RjR Innovations solutions offers a number of features that enhances a BitLocker deployment by making it more secure, easier to manage and more user-friendly:
  • Secure and Self-Help Password Recovery
  • Simplified Password Recovery
  • Password Synchronization, Single Sign-on and Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Support for Self-Encrypting Drives
  • No TPM Chip Required
  • Multiple Platform Support
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Support Corner

Corporate Broadcast
Continued growth triggers expansion and new office location for RjR Innovations!

RjR Innovations has continued to grow significantly over the past few years, and with growth comes change!

The RjR Team recently got together for an outdoor Team meeting and BBQ where CEO, Robert Beauchamp, discussed the growth of the organization and the exciting changes to come! RjR will be moving up to the fifth floor within the same building in the next few months. We will move from two separate office suites to one suite, doubling the size of the current office space.

The move is not only about a new office space, but also about providing the optimal creative and functional environment to develop products and services for our customers while using state of the art technology.

We at RjR believe in building a strong company culture and we certainly have fun achieving it!

More to come on the big move in the next few months. Stay tuned!

FUN DAY! – 18th Annual Bruce Denniston Bone Marrow Society Charity Golf Tournament

Once again, RjR Innovations was pleased to participate in and contribute to the 18th Annual Bruce Denniston Bone Marrow Society Charity Golf Tournament held on May 18th at the Canadian Golf and Country Club.

As this is RjR’s charity of choice, not only do we participate as golfers, but we also sponsor the tournament and assist with raising money and collecting and organizing prizes and silent auction items. RjR’s participation does not go unnoticed by the Society and gratitude was shown this year with the presentation of a plaque of appreciation to Robert Beauchamp, President and CEO of RjR Innovations.

Thank you to all participants for once again making this golf tournament the success that it was with close to $20,000 raised!

New Team Member

RjR Innovations is pleased to welcome Roberta Fogliato. Roberta joins us only with the highest of recommendations from her previous employers. Roberta joined RjR during a very busy time and just jumped right in. She has quickly demonstrated her hardworking and self-motivating work ethics. RjR is happy to embrace Roberta within its Finance & HR team and looks forward to the contributions that her experience will offer us in this time of growth and in our future endeavours.
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