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a Simplified Active Directory Password Reset Solution

Qreset is a self-service password reset and account unlock solution that empowers the end-user.  Whether stuck at the login screen or trying to check emails, Qreset provides users with a secure  way to help themselves.
Because of the web services integration built-in to Qreset it's easy to make it work with current service desk software.  The new Active Directory Forest support makes it easy to deploy in small or large environments.

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Support Corner
Support Corner
With André Lalonde - Support Team Lead

“Web services -  As more and more of our applications become browser- or cloud-based, web services are increasingly the best option to publish, broadcast, consume, or otherwise share your data between various systems. What you may not know is that many of the products that RjR already assists you with are web service ready! Whether they be ITSM systems - like Remedy ITSM or Service Desk Express – or security systems like Qreset, web services can handle many integrations  that can help automate your workflow. Why not talk to one of our support representatives today to see what web services can do for you?”
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Support Corner
Services Arena
The Consultants Life
Building a strong professional services organization, as with many other types of service delivery teams, has always been a rewarding challenge. At a high level here are three things we believe potential candidates should consider.
1. Job vs. Career
If you want a 9-5 job, if you want to be in a position to precisely predict one month to the next, we advise against becoming a consultant. A successful consultant doesn't really see a clock as much as they see the concept of turning effort into results. It's like the top tier athlete who trains NOT to perform, but trains to win... and flexibility and adaptability will be your friends in an IT Consulting role.
2. Salary vs. Value
Want to make $x.00 with that z% annual raise? Then explore other options. We've seen after many years that the most successful consultants are those that focus on adding value - and with that, the earnings, freedom, flexibility, and influence all come. An ability to drive immediate value with long term vision is essential to reach that next level of an individual’s capabilities and immeasurable accomplishments.
3. Have Fun!
Sounds corny and commercial, we know, however... Bruce Lee said it best - "It's like a finger pointing away to the moon... don't concentrate on the finger or you'll miss all the heavenly glory!” Travel, explore, enjoy, experience, meet wonderful people, make lifelong friends, LIVE… all while you work, and grow! The experiences of a Professional Services Consultant are amazing, and many have 'book worthy' stories! Awareness of the present is invaluable, and no two days are alike.
So, fair to say, these could apply to many career paths and professions, however, the point here is to get you thinking... who are you? What do YOU want? Does this sound like you? Or are you just yearning to meet the fascinating RjR Professional Services Team? Good! We look forward to meeting you as well!
Best Success to You!
The PS Team

Support Corner

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SecureDoc 6.5 is now available!
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