7 Mobile Security Threats you should take seriously in 2019

By: JR Raphael

Mobile malware? Some mobile security threats are more pressing. Every enterprise should have its eye on these seven issues this year.

Mobile security is at the top of every company’s worry list these days – and for good reason: Nearly all workers now routinely access corporate data from smartphones, and that means keeping sensitive info out of the wrong […]

Data breaches exposed 5 billion records in 2018

Data breaches exposed 5 billion records in 2018


By: Lucian Constantin

New report from Risk Based Security shows a downward trend in number breaches and exposed records, Unclear if privacy regulations like GDPR are having an effect.

The number of publicly known data breaches decreased last year compared to 2017, despite harsher breach notification rules going into effect in […]

WinMagic SecureDoc 8.3

WinMagic SecureDoc 8.3


Today WinMagic has announced SecureDoc 8.3 to their customers, including new features and improvements to make SecureDoc simpler and more secure than ever!

WinMagic recommends upgrading to the latest service release for SecureDoc 8.3 and later to improve reliability and security of your SecureDoc environment.

For more detailed information on this release, please download and view their Release Notes.

What’s new in […]

ITSM and ITIL: What’s the Difference?


By: Stuart Rance

If you’re not sure whether you need ITSM or ITIL®, then I’m pretty sure you’re asking the wrong question.

It’s not an “either/or” decision. IT service management (ITSM) is what you do to manage the services you deliver to your customers, even if you don’t actually use that term. ITIL is a best practice framework for ITSM, and you should think about […]

The Future of Cybersecurity – A 2019 Outlook

Future of Cybersecurity

By: Jason Hart

Moving on from last year, what might the next 12 months bring the security industry? Based on the way the industry is moving, 2019 is set to be an exciting year as AI gains more prominence and, quantum and crypto-agility start to make themselves known.

2019 Cybersecurity Predictions

1. Quantum Computing Puts Pressure on Crypto-Agility

This year will see the emergence […]