WinMagic SecureDoc v8.3

WinMagic SecureDoc v8.3 SR1

On April 30th, WinMagic notified their customers that they are expecting an announcement from Apple soon relating to the release of macOS Mojave 10.14.5. Once Apple has officially released 10.14.5, WinMagic will require an additional two (2) weeks to perform final validation tests before releasing SecureDoc v8.3 SR1 to their customers.

Advance work with Apple indicates that […]

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10 Year Tech Challenge

10 Year Tech Challenge

By: Brittany Jedrzejewski

The 10 year challenge briefly took over the internet as millions of people worldwide posted side-by-side photos of how they looked in 2009. Though some have speculated it could have all been created to train AI to understand human aging, it did spark a few thoughts at Gemalto.

Back in 2009, the world of technology […]

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Welcome to ITIL 4

Welcome to ITIL 4

RJR Innovations is excited and proud to announce the first launch of ITIL 4, the next evolution of ITIL!

IT is at the core of every business in today’s world. The update will allow ITIL to reflect the fast-paced and complex environment we live in, and new ways of working and emerging practices, all of which are essential not only for […]

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7 Mobile Security Threats you should take seriously in 2019

By: JR Raphael

Mobile malware? Some mobile security threats are more pressing. Every enterprise should have its eye on these seven issues this year.

Mobile security is at the top of every company’s worry list these days – and for good reason: Nearly all workers now routinely access corporate data from smartphones, and that means keeping sensitive info out of the wrong […]

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