Bomgar Completes Acquisition of BeyondTrust


By: Matt Dircks
Bomgar Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

I’m happy to share that Bomgar has officially closed the previously announced acquisition of BeyondTrust. The resulting company, which will operate under the BeyondTrust name, brings together proven innovators with a shared mission of helping customers secure privileged access and defend themselves from cyber-attacks, while improving productivity.

This acquisition, combined with Bomgar’s previous acquisitions of Lieberman Software and Avecto, enables us to provide customers and partners with the world’s most comprehensive Privileged Access Management (PAM) portfolio. Our strategic vision for integrating these best-of-breed solutions will allow us to address a comprehensive set of privileged access security use cases, including:

  • Privileged Password Management:
    The combined company offers the market’s most innovative and robust privileged credential and session management capabilities for enterprises of all sizes. We will continue to advance BeyondTrust’s PowerBroker Password Safe as the market leader for managing and rotating privileged credentials and monitoring sessions. And for organizations with requirements around extreme scalability and speed, Bomgar Privileged Identity (formerly Lieberman RED) can address your unique needs. Over time we will bring the best of these products together to deliver added value to all users.

  • Endpoint Privilege Management:
    With the combination of market-leading endpoint privileged management products from BeyondTrust and Avecto, we are the undisputed leader in least privilege management, no matter the type of endpoint, operating system, or management platform – Windows, MacOS, Unix, Linux, or network devices. While we already have the top products to address any least privilege use case, we plan to expand these solutions quickly to offer customers a comprehensive solution to remove admin privileges across all desktops and servers.

  • Secure Remote Access:
    Bomgar’s secure remote access and credential injection technology featured in our Privileged Access and Remote Support products allows us to uniquely address privileged access threats from external third-party vendors and service desks, while increasing user efficiency. Pairing this with securing privileged credentials and implementing least privilege significantly improves organizations’ abilities to protect privilege access threats from both the inside and out.

  • Vulnerability Management:
    BeyondTrust’s Retina vulnerability management solution delivers enterprise-ready, cross-platform vulnerability assessment and remediation, with available configuration compliance, patch management, and compliance reporting to ensure privileged access is never compromised by a missing security patch or misconfigured host.

  • Integrated platform:
    We will continue to build upon the BeyondInsight platform, integrating the best capabilities across our products to create a powerful portfolio that is simple to purchase, deploy, and use no matter how you choose to consume our solutions.

Bomgar BeyondTrust

Bomgar BeyondTrust

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By: Matt Dirks
Bomgar Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

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