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Natalie Beauchamp, CFO / COO

Natalie Beauchamp, CFO / Operations Manager With RJR since 2007, Natalie is responsible for overseeing Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Purchasing and Contracts; for establishing and ensuring compliance with all procedures and controls of the organization; and for managing all internal and external reporting requirements including compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and applicable tax legislation. Natalie plays an integral role at RJR.

She serves as the contact for many RJR stakeholders such as Canadian, American, European partners, offshore banks, and various Federal Government agencies. She manages and nurtures key relationships with auditors, bankers, accountants, lawyers, external vendors and partners. As well, she develops and implements cost control tools and budget reporting procedures. Before joining RJR, Natalie was a Cooperative Education Account Manager at the University of Ottawa working with its partners to raise the University’s profile with business and academic stakeholders. Before joining the University of Ottawa, she was Assistant Vice President of the Desjardins Federal Savings Bank in Florida managing five departments.

Natalie brings close to fifteen years of experience in both the Canadian and U.S. financial industry and twenty-five years of experience in Business Operations. Natalie holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree from the University of Ottawa.

Outside of work, Natalie keeps active by playing golf in a Women’s league and softball in a Co-Ed league. Another place that you may find her is in the ice hockey arenas, watching her son play as goalie and likely volunteering as the hockey team’s Manager. Natalie is an avid volunteer with the Bruce Denniston Bone Marrow Society, a 100% volunteer-based charitable organization. As an Executive Member of their Ottawa Chapter, Natalie works closely with the Canadian Blood Services’ One Match Program and the Ottawa General Hospital’s Blood and Marrow Transplant Program. To learn more about this charity and their mission, please visit their website at

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