National Cybersecurity Awareness Month


By: Elizabeth Hulsey

It’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, an initiative launched by the National Cyber Security Alliance and the federal government to raise awareness of the importance of the topic and to offer tips and tools for individuals and businesses protect their information.

The goal of the annual campaign is to create greater security around sensitive data, but more broadly, it’s a reminder that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. Just as each of us needs to take steps to protect personal data online and take precautions that limit exposure to threats, businesses should also use this month to reiterate strong security practices with their staff, vendors and other stakeholders.

The scale and sophistication of cyberattacks is not slowing down – ranging from phishing scams, to cryptocurrency-based attacks, to state-sponsored attacks on industrial control systems. These attacks present an ever-growing challenge and serve as a reminder that organizations cannot afford to be complacent in the face of cyberthreats.

This year, Bomgar published its 2018 Secure Access Threat Report that explores the visibility, control and management that IT organizations in the U.S. and Europe have over employees, contractors and third-party vendors with privileged access to their IT networks. According to the report, 50% of organizations have suffered a serious data breach or expect to in the next six months due to third party and insider threats.

Products Designed with Security at the Forefront

Businesses today must not only meet increasingly stringent company security policies, but many are also subject to industry compliance mandates such as HIPAA and PCI. With Bomgar, security professionals can control and monitor privileged access and remotely access users and their devices while also empowering authorized users to perform their duties. Learn how our products can help you meet security goals:

  • Privileged Identity Security – protect privileged accounts and reduce cyber threats.
  • Privileged Access Security – monitor privileged users and shrink your attack surface.
  • Remote Support Security – secure remote access to desktops and critical systems.

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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month


By: Elizabeth Hulsey

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