Two Factor Authentication

2FA Windows Login

Provide users with secure two-factor authentication (2FA) to a windows login session

Qsync is a registered smart card credential provider that will appear when the user presses the CTRL+ALT+DEL key combination.

Qsync automatically extracts the Microsoft Windows® domain password securely from the Smart Card and then logs the user onto the workstation and network.

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Key functions:

  • Integrated login with Microsoft Windows® 7
  • Reads and writes data via PKCS#11 to the smart card or token
  • Applies business logic for creation, recovery and revocation of users
  • Support for smart cards and tokens
  • Securely locks the workstation on the removal of the smart card
  • Integrates with WinMagic’s SecureDoc disk encryption pre-boot for a seamless login
  • Permits disabling of smart card removal lock feature