QResetThe ROI for implementing a self-service active directory password reset tool is significant. How many passwords do you have to remember each day? All of which must contain specific security requirements and most likely expire in 30 days or less, at which time you will go through the same process all over again. Analysts have estimated a single password reset call costs your IT department between $10 and $31. Not to mention lost productivity.

QReset version 5.4 introduces a self-service active directory password reset tool that allows trusted users to reset their password in a matter of minutes, eliminating a service desk password reset request. With reporting and auditing features necessary to ensure IT cyber security, QReset version 5.4 has more features, stronger technology and greater benefits.


  • Strong security integration including SSL, LDAPS active directory policies
  • Web-based interface
  • Client portal for desktops and mobile devices
  • Administrative interface that supports reporting, auditing, logging, unlocking and role management
  • Supports bilingual (English and French) functionality
  • Integration with various service desk software through the Web Services Interface
  • Support for multiple browser platforms such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and FireFox


  • Web-based system architecture
  • Web services communication
  • Integration with Windows credential provider
  • Standard salted password hashing, with customizable encryption technology


  • Minimizes employee downtime by enabling users to reset or unlock their own windows domain credentials through self service
  • Enables industry standard security policies for stronger more robust passwords
  • Increases compliance through auditing and logging of all password reset activities
  • Provides user-friendly self-service enrollment process
  • Web-based self-service enrollment facilitates administration of new user accounts
  • Reduces service desk calls resulting in lower operating costs

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