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Product Upgrades

RjR Innovations can assist in upgrading your current environment in order to meet the fast-paced and changing needs of corporate IT Service Management. When an RjR Innovations consultant assists with your product upgrade, you’re not getting a technician, you’re getting a trusted advisor who can recommend how best to configure new features and functionality so that they adapt to your processes and environment.

We implement upgrades by combining off-site and on-site services. We replicate your environment off-site, running test upgrades to document any issues and resolutions in the upgrade process. This ensures productive use of on-site consulting time during the live environment upgrade. You’ll have an upgraded version of your application before the on-site visit, resulting in reduced consulting time.

With our in-depth four-step process you’ll maximize your investment in your IT infrastructure and you’ll ensure your return on investment (ROI) by continually improving and streamlining your IT services.

RjR’s Four-Step Process:


  • Assess current situation versus current business needs.
  • Develop implementation plans.
  • Create deliverables.
  • Acquire agreement and approval on all deliverables.


  • Implement approved deliverables.
  • Monitor and support the process as required.


  • Analyze impact of anticipated change.
  • Measure the new processes.
  • Compare results against expected results to ensure continuous improvement.


  • Determine where to apply the changes resulting from the analysis.
  • Apply the changes to ensure continuous improvement.

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