Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Do your end users and IT people have access to a fast and efficient knowledge base for resolutions? If not, you’ll see longer hold and response times, poor customer service and higher costs. RJR Knowledge Management strategy is an integral part of the RJR IT Business Management Solution (BMS).

The strategy is unsurpassed, optimized to increase your productivity and your profitability. Here’s what the RJR Knowledge Management strategy can do for you:

•     Resolve Level 2 and Level 3 support calls at Level 1.
•     With RJR’s Knowledge Management strategy, Level 2 and Level 3 knowledge articles are published for access by Level 1.
•     As a result, Level 1 support can fix Level 2 and 3 issues.

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  • Your cost savings can be even greater with Self Service. RJR believes strongly in guiding its customers, assisting them to help their customers log their own issues through a self-service portal. The cost of automated self service is from $6 to $24 with call elimination from $0 to $5. According to Gartner, the cost of a live person handling a call is $5.30 compared to self service which costs .45 cents—a savings of more than 90%.
  • Access to a knowledge base that provides consistent and relevant information is essential with access to a self-service portal. While the investment in a Knowledge Management solution will result in a slight increase on the cost per call, it will, in turn, increase the number of incidents being eliminated as the end user can resolve the issue.
  • By combining Knowledge Management with Self Service you can meet your customers’ needs worldwide and you can deliver 24/7 service. You’ll give end users the ability to submit and track their own incidents; search, find and resolve issues. You’ll reduce the number of requests channeled to an agent, freeing up resources and reducing your costs.
  • You can optimize the strategy for effective targeting of knowledge articles to appropriate end users and IT people. If you have a problem and you find a solution, you can publish that knowledge to customers and IT support people alike—tailoring your knowledge articles to the right audience.
  • IT people stay up-to-date and informed on diverse and ever-changing technologies.
  • Validation ensures accuracy and timeliness. The knowledge article is reviewed, approved by another party, and then published. The knowledge article is always current as it undergoes a further in-depth review at a later date.
  • Ensure the integrity of your database and effortlessly meet compliance standards.
  • With the powerful features of RJR Knowledge Management strategy, you’ll cut call volume and escalation rates, accelerate resolution cycles and reduce your overall costs. You’ll also improve the efficiency, effectiveness and value of IT service and support. The RJR Knowledge Management strategy delivers business value and rapid ROI.