WinMagic SecureDoc 8.3


Today WinMagic has announced SecureDoc 8.3 to their customers, including new features and improvements to make SecureDoc simpler and more secure than ever!

WinMagic recommends upgrading to the latest service release for SecureDoc 8.3 and later to improve reliability and security of your SecureDoc environment.

For more detailed information on this release, please download and view their Release Notes.

What’s new in SecureDoc 8.3?

  • Next generation SES Web, with improved GUI and UX throughout, while providing a more modern look and feel

  • New and distinct encryption client for SD Linux on end-points

  • Enhanced deployment and manageability of VDI devices, including ability to properly manage and organize non-persistent instances

  • Improved device-based certificate trust capabilities for Windows devices


  • Pre-boot authentication compatibility, and endpoint deployment predictability for Windows Systems

  • Removable Media Encryption for Mac devices now provides a cleaner workflow and user experience

  • Better deployment and user staging for the SD Linux and OSA clients

  • and more…

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WinMagic SecureDoc 8.3


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