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January 2016

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Product Spotlight

RjR Innovations is pleased to announce the release of its NEW FootPrints Service Core ITSM Database!

This turn-key solution provides out of the box ITIL processes such as Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management, Service Request Management, Service Catalog, Knowledge Management, Service Level Agreements and Configuration Management Database (CMDB).


RjR Innovations is pleased to launch its new ITSM Data Documentation Tool for BMC FootPrints Service Core version 12.

This easy to use tool helps bring several pieces of information together from the connected FootPrints system into a CSV file or a data table. It is useful when designing new business processes, learning your back-end database, using web service integrations, performing back-end data imports (such as item relationships) and viewing current license usage. For more information and to access the free download file, please click below.
Services Arena

With BMC Software’s recent announcement of the SDE End Of Life date set for December 31, 2017, you are probably thinking about your migration options now even more than ever! RjR Innovations’ migration services are focused on mitigating risk and avoiding schedule delays and cost overruns. RjR keeps in mind that with successful migrations, many business and operational needs must also be addressed, such as:

•     business continuity
•     application outage prevention
•     migrating legacy and mission-critical data
•     infrastructure impact
•     minimize migration cost, time & resource consumption
•     achieve optimal ROI
•     evolve processes for future growth

We look forward to working together with you on your smooth SDE migration!
Support Corner
Support Brochure

Change Management – Not Just For Enterprise Customers!

André Lalonde - Support Team Lead

In late November, one of our customers experienced the worst kind of issue: many of their users were no longer able to log in to their environment. After initial troubleshooting left them stumped, they turned to RjR’s Support experts. Fortunately for them, the RjR team assisted them well into the night until their system was back online.
Their testing led them to believe that something had occurred to their SSO (Single Sign-On) environment. We escalated the issue to the software vendor, as is normal for a Severity 1 issue.  We needed to wait for the vendor to call us back in order to set up a remote support session between the vendor and our customer. 
In the meantime, however, we took our own expertise and applied it to our own troubleshooting. We asked for and received: 
  1. Networking logs to see if the fault lay in a network configuration
  2. Verified available disk space on all servers in the chain
  3. Went over the customer's application and SSO logs to see what could be gleaned from them
  4. Requested that the customer verify all recent changes with their various IT teams that might impact the issues
Over time, we determined that there was a networking issue affecting the servers. With the customer's administrator’s investigations, we were eventually able to track things down to an unregistered change: a MAC address for one of the application servers had been copied and spoofed onto a new server, causing several other issues besides this one. After correcting this issue, both our customer and our support team member were able to go home and finally get a good night’s sleep!
If you’re making changes to your organization’s applications or networks, proper change management is essential in order to assist in tracking down the root of issues that may be caused by them. If you’re interested in implementing Change Management in your environment please get in touch with us! We have multiple implementations behind our belts, and we can give you the years of knowledge and best practices necessary to ensure YOUR new Change process slots easily into your organization’s routine!
Event Alert

RjR is excited to announce that we will be moving within the next month! Our bigger and brighter contemporary office space will allow us to host more in-house functions and events for our Customers and Partner Network.
We are in the midst of planning our upcoming open house event which will be announced in the next few weeks. We look forward to celebrating our new office space with you!

Partner Bulletin
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BMC Business Professional Certified

Corporate Broadcast

RjR Innovations is pleased to announce that Natalie Beauchamp, CFO / COO, has been selected as a finalist by the Orléans Chamber of Commerce as Business Person of the Year for the 2016 Business Excellence Awards (BEA)!

We may be considered a little biased, but we feel that Natalie is deserving of this award which is presented to an individual who demonstrates continual business excellence through exceptional customer service, quality and community involvement.

The winner will be announced at the upcoming gala on Thursday, January 28th
It is with great pleasure that RjR announces the promotion of Ryan Elias from Inside Sales Representative to Account Executive, Global Sales.

His strong sales ability, dedication to customer service and professionalism have led him to this new position. Please join us in congratulating Ryan on his success.