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April 2016

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Product Spotlight

RjR’s latest version of FootPrints Service Core ITSM Database now includes Purchase Management!


RjR Innovations is pleased to announce an update for its ITSM Data Documentation Tool for BMC FootPrints Service Core version 12.

Services Arena

Another Successful Migration
RjR Innovations’ migration services are focused on mitigating risk and avoiding schedule delays and cost overruns. One of our bigger customers recently completed their 5 month migration from the BMC Service Desk Express (SDE) solution which is End of Life to the BMC FootPrints Service Core 12.x product for their Service Desk, Account Provisioning, and Change Management processes.
Following their smooth migration, the customer completed their full Go-Live of BMC FootPrints Service Core. The successful Go-Live was the result of hundreds of hours spent by both RjR and the customer on this major project. Looking back, the customer and RjR are impressed at how quick and proficient the migration went.
The next step is the customer’s “release 3.0” phase which will include the implementation of Problem and Knowledge Management processes, along with Service Desk surveys, and most importantly, the start of their Service Catalog.
RjR’s migration goal is to always perform a seamless transition from the current solution to the new solution. We look forward to several more successful upcoming SDE migrations!
Support Corner
It’s been a busy quarter here at RjR Support! Our partner BMC Software has created brand new training and certification courses for their various products, and your RjR Support Team has been passing them with flying colours! We have newly minted BMC Certified Professionals in both of the major ITSM products we support: Remedy ITSM, and FootPrints Service Core. While the certificates are shiny and new (and we get a brand new badge to display in our email signatures), they merely show off what we already had: the quality of our support and the breadth of our knowledge that we can share with you, our customers.
Congratulations, team!
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